Shared Hosting Services
Backups Hosting Server
dedicated hosting server webOur commanding backup systems shared with venture software of R1Soft that top excellence workers make our backup supreme, not to talk about free for the virtual hosting customers.
Network Up-time 100%
dedicated hosting webNetwork uptime running 100% Guaranteed without any problem.
dedicated server cheapWe are running cPanel on our web-hosting servers as well since in our judgment it is single of the most excellent and most easy to use the  control panels on the marketplace!
Our FREE Migration Services
dedicated server web hostingThe best migration experts in our data center will transfer your data with great technique. We can assist you shift all your client sites and data seamlessly without any interruption from old server for FREE!
High Performance
dedicated servers hostingWe apply simply top superiority super micro servers full to capacity with plentiful ram and by no means oversold. We own and function all our equipment server machines are fast and accessible
Initial FREE Setup
dedicated web hosting serverYour or your customer account would setup for hosting instantly through net and free of charge. You will receive the login details within 3 minutes.
ClientExec/WHMCS Software
free cpanel hostingFrom side to side our enterprises by means of ClientExec you get immediate access to handle your customers billing, maintain, and account establishment just approximating us!
Hosting Softaculous:
free hostingEach hosting member of staff serving at desk is pre-bundled with Softaculous provided that you in addition to your customers with immediate put in and right of entry to hundreds of free script and application.
PHP 4 & 5 Side by Side
game hostingPhp hosting yes. That’s correct! by means of our PHP 4,5 Hosting you can run any or both inhabitant PHP 4 and PHP 5 applications without any issue on the similar account.
Server with Ruby at Rails
host domainOur company servers comes up to pre-installed by Ruby at Rails plus you can association an ROR environment using the link control Panel. that is the RoR Hosting platform!
Ready XCART Hosting Service:
hostgator cpanelOur company servers are completely prepared to run XCART and other shopping farm cart software out of the boxs.

Affiliate Program

Our company with its rate of acceptance quickly growing, offers a very attractive or fascinating chance for owners of web-sites, not just to earn extra income, but also increase the growth of your business. Our Affiliate Program is a way forward for the growth of your business that generate income by extending our presence to the visitors of your web-site. It requires minimum effort on your part and is completely free to participate.

Our affiliate program has enormous or immense possible. In light of other competing programs, we are determined to be your trusted partner to stand to get the maximum improvement and growth of this business occasion. Our program is at the forefront in establishing the annual payment of more optimum in the act of being hospitable industry. This is clear in the following table of data.


Commission Percentage
Frequency of Payments
Annual Affiliate Earnings


x 1



x 12




Commission Percentage
Frequency of Payments
Annual Affiliate Earnings


x 1



x 12


Sampotek Webzone Inc offers a wide selection of posters from high alteration, real time statistics, real-time support beginning site organization and integration, etc. All this at literally no cost to you. Therefore, to make optimal their revenue opportune moment by developing able to be maintain relationships with value-driven and technology business class as Sampotek Webzone Inc perform and get paid for every sale you produce.

Reseller Web Hosting

Starting your own hosting business network need a level of trust with your merchant and be there for you in your time of need. Sampotek Webzone Inc currently receives over 1,000,000 domains on the network and has a team of 24 / 7 / 365 technical support available when needed. Sampotek Webzone Inc has been encouraging reseller web hosting 10 years, so we have plenty of experience to make certain that the web-sites of their clients are stable. We know our clients look forward high in time and the speed of your web-site with web hosting reseller obtain what we have build our state of the art facilities to make sure maximum accessibility to our able to be clients.