Shared Hosting Services
Backups Hosting Server
dedicated hosting server webOur commanding backup systems shared with venture software of R1Soft that top excellence workers make our backup supreme, not to talk about free for the virtual hosting customers.
Network Up-time 100%
dedicated hosting webNetwork uptime running 100% Guaranteed without any problem.
dedicated server cheapWe are running cPanel on our web-hosting servers as well since in our judgment it is single of the most excellent and most easy to use the  control panels on the marketplace!
Our FREE Migration Services
dedicated server web hostingThe best migration experts in our data center will transfer your data with great technique. We can assist you shift all your client sites and data seamlessly without any interruption from old server for FREE!
High Performance
dedicated servers hostingWe apply simply top superiority super micro servers full to capacity with plentiful ram and by no means oversold. We own and function all our equipment server machines are fast and accessible
Initial FREE Setup
dedicated web hosting serverYour or your customer account would setup for hosting instantly through net and free of charge. You will receive the login details within 3 minutes.
ClientExec/WHMCS Software
free cpanel hostingFrom side to side our enterprises by means of ClientExec you get immediate access to handle your customers billing, maintain, and account establishment just approximating us!
Hosting Softaculous:
free hostingEach hosting member of staff serving at desk is pre-bundled with Softaculous provided that you in addition to your customers with immediate put in and right of entry to hundreds of free script and application.
PHP 4 & 5 Side by Side
game hostingPhp hosting yes. That’s correct! by means of our PHP 4,5 Hosting you can run any or both inhabitant PHP 4 and PHP 5 applications without any issue on the similar account.
Server with Ruby at Rails
host domainOur company servers comes up to pre-installed by Ruby at Rails plus you can association an ROR environment using the link control Panel. that is the RoR Hosting platform!
Ready XCART Hosting Service:
hostgator cpanelOur company servers are completely prepared to run XCART and other shopping farm cart software out of the boxs.

Graphics Designing

Logo Designing and Corporate Identity Pakistan

Our company are very experts in graphic design Logos and design a new logo cooperating identities for your business will looking bright and that will make you unforgettable to all its clients, and painting as a dependable in  your business for those who choose to do the business with you for a time.

Our company goal always to creating an exceptional logo that represents the company and the identity of your business and your mission. Our company considers a good graphic designers to the comfort company logo it will give us a moment of credibility’s and permanent credit. Our company symbol and corporate identities graphic designer are masters at their works.

Our company designing takes you to fill out a survey and produce

100% unique and effectual logos are their in our company graphic design tools.
100% client’s preferences, indefinite logos are graphic design ideas in revision.
100% flexible, our logo graphics designer are prepared for web and print applications.

Our company makes sure out our logo best graphic designers below or effectively. Please contact us for more information about entrance technology can help start on a capable identities for your companies!

Services Corporate & Identity Designing

Contact to us to creating and define business production and we are cooperating individual top graphic designers according to the choice of clients to place out in complete marketing value.

Our company Logo designing is cooperating individualities including with other graphic designs commonly we makes a good quality feeling of your association. Nothing company can be includes a main contact on your business from experts, proficient corporation identities’ and logo designing.
Sampotek Webzone Inc, creating solid corporate identities with the help of your corporation, they do not find a present name, but a products. With these new original products in your business firm they can be extreme from the massive amount.

Sampotek Webzone Inc, services corporate identity is very dynamic process; their images and studious development are successful graphic design portfolio and cooperating brand strategy that gives us complete details into added cost for our clients.

If your company requires a corporate individuality and logo plan, they look no support. contact to technology that they are recommend a broad range of cooperating identities designing to join the  scan, strategy and their awareness with excellent creativities and design uniqueness to create corporate identity packages and logo designing to give a good excellence emotion with your clients .

Sampotek Company Corporate Identity Design Services are Their

We are Cooperating Logo Designing Brochure, catalog Designing.
Corporate business card design Catalogues.

We have Website Design
Stationery Design Package Designing
Arrangement Folders brand designing with
computer graphics corporate arrangement
Booth Design operating with the help of interactive CDROM
Company design Brochure
Catalog designers are contact to technology in Pakistan, designing flyers, cooperating brochures, and flyers, produce catalogs, promotionally matter, etc.

Brochure designing of technology contact services to help out overseas companies and floor companies of all size get their message to the proficient and high group brochure and catalog design, with advertising and newsletters In design, quarks Express and Adobe Illustrator. If you will need a promotional mail, design a flyer, catalogs, sales brochures, produce design physical, brochures, training manuals, brochures, pocket folders or catalog, we have the knowledge to offer.

Sampotek Webzone Inc, experts in assesses to your objectives, examine and write the copy, payment the photography, creating the brochure or catalog designing, produce, print and convey to you with your complete agreement.

With pleasure contact us and know how to obtain the most out of your marketing equipment by receiving a professional brochure or catalogue designing with full of access to the technology!

Flyer Design Company & Poster Design Services

Sampotek Webzone Inc, has Postal skilled designs, brochure, flyers and posters can have a main impact with dealing fairs and marketing events. Our company original brochure designing services are assist you outshine your competitors by the designing of a brochure or poster and dynamic promotional activities. We are up to the challenge of designing a brochure, from beginning to the end, the sense of the fashion company. So if sales are not meeting the goals of your company and will be the part of the problem that pushes your company over the rest by designing world class flyers, invitations, flyers, brochures, flyers or posters.

Circle Contact To Technology And Poster Design Services May Contain

The poster intended for a corporate occasion Posters office.
Corporate or posters as a gift to the clients and prediction.
Motivational posters.

Company Design Book Layout

Our Technology must be having an exceptional choice for book covering and page layout designing. Our company cover design artists are skilled with graphic designers who have designed book covers for their important publishers and have won a lot of awards for most better-quality design.

In our company your book wrap designing is the mainly essential advertising factor in selling of your book. That is why your book present design has to capable appearance, with a cover designing that will take place a beautiful sketch with the interest of your goal market.

Sampotek Webzone Inc, has 3 levels of services at the same time as designing a Book wrap and page layouts’
Our company designs your books wrapping and center pages according to your choice.
They are serving you to select an editor, proofreader and or printer.
Manage your publish project include acting as a soother with your editor, proofreader and/or printer.
Essential aspect reserved in mind as design a professionally books warping and page layout designing.

Optional book assets on design, layout, and typesetting.
How to book cover design can impel your book sales.
How to imagine like a book layout designer.
How book development dictates design.
How to arrange your satisfied for page layouts.
Accepting the different parts of a book.
Understanding the idea to layout procedure.
Book coat pitfall.
The book produce method.
Designed for other information on how we can help you open a expert & eye contagious book, give pleasure to contact us.

Photo Restitution & Photo Repairing

Photo restoration services in Our company, to digital ability can re-establish those appreciated memories. Your family photographs can be, patch up, refinish, copy, get better quality or resized as your choice, all without destructive the original print. Age faded black and white photographs may be reproduced, on paper and copied onto a CD.

Photo restoration service prefers several options for restoring old photos damaged according to your imagine by a reasonable price. The photos are scanned, repairs or improvements are complete to the digital copy, final consent is obtained, then your prints and the original image will be sent by mail.

The real photo will not be changed in any way. Unoriginal and the copies are restoring. We will return your real photo and print a copy of the original photo and fresh copy with a CD.


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